zinc oxide eugenol cement

ZINC OXIDE EUGENOL CEMENTZinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) cement have been usedextensively in dentistry since 1890s.They are cements of low strength. Also they are theleast irritating of all dental cements and are known tohave an obtundant effect on exposed dentin.

CLASSIFICATION Type I ZOE: For temporary cementation Type II ZOE: Permanent Cementation Type III ZOE: Temporary filling and thermal base?Type IV ZOE: Cavity Liners ZOE cement is available as Powder and liquid or Two – paste system.

MANIPULATION Power – Liquid System Powder/liquid ratio: 4:1-6:1 wt% After shaking the bottles gently, measured quantity of powder and liquid are dispensed onto a cool glass slab. The bulk of the powder is incorporated into the liquid and saturated thoroughly in acircular motion with a stiff bladed stainless steelspatula. Smaller increments are then added untilthe mix is complete.

USES For temporary and permanent cementation For temporary fillings. Cavity lines and base Pulp capping agent Secondary use – root canal restorations