indications : patients requiring full mouth rehabitation.

  1. uncomplicated vital teeth.
  2. non vital teeth with sinus tract.
  3. tracture anterior teeth | picustid where esthetics is the concorn
  4. some retratment cases

contra indications : teeth with limited access.

  1. Patients having civior pain.
  2. Acute alveolar cases with pus discharge.
  3. Patients with allergies or previous flareups
  4. procedure of RCT :

    1 accessing in the root canals:

    1. to gain access to the root canal of the teeth, a small opening is made on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth or lingual surface of antiriar teeth
    2. in multy rooted tooth, againing access opening is very chalenged

    2 rubber dam isolation.

    3 cleening the root canals: we use many instruments of different sizes and shapes to properly clean and shape specific root canal anatomy.

    4 this infection of root canal: sodiam hypochlorite is one of the disinfecetants used to reduce the bacteria load with in the tooth.

    1. specialized blunt ended needles are used to deliver this disinfecetants to the end of the root in a safe and effective way.

    5 final preparation :

    1. after thoroughly cleening and shaping of the canals, the canals are dreid prior to filling the roots.

    6 obturating the root canals:

    finaly, the canals are sealed with 2 components

    1. Sealer- a cement that sets over time
    2. Gutta percha- a filler made of a natureal form of latex this survers as a perminent root canal filling

    after completion of RCT, a temporary filling is placed over the sealed canal that as 2 parts

    1. cooton pellet soaked in an anti bacterial solution
    2. a solid temporary filling on top

    7 a final restoration (usually a crown) is placed by the dentist.