“Permanent” is in quotations because nothing is truly permanent. Everything can be removed if needed and all dental work (crowns, fillings, root canals) wears out and needs to be replaced.

I have written on numerous occasions about the wide array of differences you should ask about when having your teeth replaced with fixed bridges vs. overdentures.

Why does it take so long…or short? How much bone you have is the number one factor in determining your unique process. If you don’t have enough bone, then the bone will need to be rebuilt with a bone graft. If you have plenty of bone, there are many options and the process is much faster. You may have been told you don’t have enough bone.

If you are replacing ALL the teeth in one jaw, I may be able to help you avoid ‘major’ bone grafts. (Major bone grafts are lateral wall sinus bone grafts, onlay block bone grafts, large segment guided bone regeneration, and nerve repositioning. I routinely perform these grafts when needed and they are not to be avoided)