Mutilated tooth is that tooth which is grossly weakened and badly broken down where the amount of remaining tooth structure is less than the amount of tooth loss. The management of a complete oral rehabilitation in patients with severely worn dentition is often challenging due to loss of vertical dimension, loss of tooth structure, uneven wear of teeth creating an uneven plane of occlusion, poor esthetics, reduced chewing efficiency and para-functional habits. Various factors such as, vertical dimension of occlusion, acquired defects, centric relation, occlusal contact pattern, aesthetics and phonetics need to be considered simultaneously for the rehabilitation. Treatment included extraction of teeth with poor prognosis, root canal treatment and crown lengthening of severely worn out teeth, post & core and full coverage porcelain-fused-to metal fixed restoration of entire dentition. Treatment not only restored function and esthetic, but also showed a positive psychological impact and thereby improved perceived quality of life. So, this paper presents a novel prosthodontic approach of management to treat the lost function, esthetics, comfort and confidence for the patient.