Invisible" braces are clear, customized, removable appliances. You can take them out when you eat, brush and floss, so you won’t have food trapped between your teeth. Invisible braces are a good option when you have only a mild spacing problem

Rather than being worn on the front of your teeth the way traditional braces are, ibraces are placed on the backs of your teeth, so you can't see them at all. They are 100 percent customizable, which allows them to follow the contour of your teeth for comfort and to give you the best smile possible.

The treatment process for getting these braces begins with a consultation with your orthodontist. Impressions of your teeth are taken and afterwards, along with the prescription written by the orthodontist, are sent to an Incognito™ Appliance laboratory. Models made from your impressions are scanned into a computer. It then uses 3-D imaging technology to create the ibraces for you. Each bracket and wire is customized to fit exclusively to your teeth through the prescription your orthodontist identified for you. It takes five or six weeks for your braces to be made.

The ibraces are delivered to your orthodontist's office for your bonding appointment. The bonding appointment usually takes several hours, though the amount of time it requires can vary greatly from one patient to the next. This customization means fewer adjustments, and consequently fewer visits to the orthodontist are necessary during the treatment process.