Tooth whiting discolored teeth with extrinsic and intrinsic stains it can be done with laser or the manual custom trays

It is entirely possible to have nothing wrong with your teeth, but still not have the wonderful smile that you really want. You may have a “gummy” smile. This is where the gums are covering up too much of your teeth, making your teeth appear smaller. Gums can also overgrow in certain sections of your mouth, making your smile look uneven or lopsided.

Modern laser dentistry makes gum contouring a relatively easy procedure. A laser light is used to trim the gums back, lifting the gum line to expose more of the tooth surface. Gum contouring is usually only done to the front teeth.

Laser technology safely trims gum tissue and is quick-healing because the laser also seals the gums, minimizing bleeding and speeding up recovery time.