Biofunctional Prosthetic System(BPS) Dentures

The BPS system is a standardized system for the fabrication of high quality removable / complete dentures. It outstandingly fulfills the functional and aesthetic demands of patients.

Unmatched Quality and Comfort = Biofunctional Prosthetic System

  1. Comfort: reduced irritation to the gums
  2. Strength: extremely dense material reduces the chance of breakage
  3. Cleanliness: non porous surface greatly lessens odour causing plaque and bacteria
  4. Great fit: non irritating and comfortable to wear
  5. Healthy: eat virtually any food
  6. Aesthetics: natural looking so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence
  7. Bio-compatible: will not distort taste, stain, or collect odours or irritating bacteria
  8. Advantages of BPS Dentures over Conventional Dentures:
    1. BPS Dentures reproduce the functions of the natural teeth during mastication & Speaking to a very high extent.
    2. The patient will get a well fitting denture which is stable during functions like chewing, eating, & speaking because the processing of the denture is done by continuous injection moulding technique.
    3. Even harder foods can be consumed immediately after denture insertion.The usage of high quality teeth sets & the work in the articulator according to the BPS principles makes BPS dentures a masterpiece.
    4. BPS dentures have high fracture resistance and 25 years clinical approved material.