DEFINITION“Amalgam is a special type of alloy in which mercury is one of the component”

INDICATIONS: As a permanent restorative material in class I, class II, class V, class VI caries
  1. Cuspal restorations
  2. Pin retained restorations
  3. As a foundation
  4. Post-endodontic access filling and core
  5. Die preparation
  6. Retrograde root canal filling material
  7. Teeth with questionable prognosis (interim restoration)
  8. Economic status
  1. Ease of use
  2. High compressive strength
  3. Excellent wear resistance
  4. Favorable long-term clinical results
  5. Economic
  6. Can be bonded to tooth structure
  7. Self-sealing ability
  1. Lack of esthetics
  2. Less conservative
  3. Non-insulating
  4. Corrosion and galvanism
  5. Lack of reinforcement of weakened tooth structure
  6. Difficulty in restoring proper tooth anatomy